November 30th, 2010


Gun for Hire

I am currently NOT ACCEPTING translation requests.
This also means that ALL projects are on hold until prior notice.
I'll detail the reasons for my hiatus later.

[Hiding from the Hideout. Huh.]
It can be anything as long as there is text and it is in Japanese.
My listening skills are improving but they are still below beginner level so no drama CDs/videos for now.
Please obtain permission from the scanner/raw provider before asking me to work on it.
My speed depends on my interest on the project, the length and the amount of text.

My current fandoms are Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Sengoku Basara and Bleach.
The complete list of the things I'm interested is here. (List under construction. Please check my profile for the time being.)

The most important thing for me is the ART. If it's pretty, chances are I am very willing to work on it.

I have a preference to gag and an aversion to smut, though I'd consider working on the latter if it satisfies all the aforementioned criteria, and it's not about a pairing I resent.

I will NEVER work on any smutty uke!Tsuna doujins or any doujins involving Yamamoto paired with anyone other than Gokudera.

Send me a message either through a comment on this post, a private message here in livejournal, or an email to haruichi(dot)sama@gmail(dot)com with the details of your request, preferably in this format:
Nature: (Translation only/Full scanlation/Joint project)
Sample Image:
Other blah:

I'll do my best to respond at the soonest possible opportunity.


Classified Information

Greetings, human.
You have stumbled upon the hideout of a rather curious creature called beruichi.
That would be me.
I'd give you a cookie, but I don't have one.
So I'll give you some information, instead.


I'm an amateur scanlator, started dabbling in the field during autumn of 2010.
I'm a Filipino, so neither English nor Japanese is my first language. Hence, if I make mistakes, don't kill me. English was taught in school so I guess I'm pretty safe there, but as for my Japanese...
Well, I do have seven years of self-study under my belt, which involves mostly watching subbed anime and listening to Japanese music. I've read a couple of grammar and kanji books, but I still believe experience is the best teacher.

I'm doing this as practice and for my own enjoyment. Most of my projects are BL, so be warned.

I do accept translation requests, but those are subject under my terms and conditions.

I'm pretty lazy and I tend to lose interest in things every now and then, plus I have law school, so I don't have a release schedule. I just post whenever.

Everything here is locked for members only. I have rules, so if you don't like them, feel free to leave.

Re: Membership

Membership is MODERATED.

Minimum requirement to be approved is that your profile is not empty, i.e. you have interests listed and a bio of some sort. I give preference to those who have old accounts, those that actually have journal entries, and those who are members of comms I trust.

I'm suspicious of newly created journals and journals which have no entries and zero number of comments posted, because that screams "I'M A TOTAL LEECH!" to me. Comment on this post to remove my doubts, else, your membership request will linger in the purgatory for at least a couple of days until you actually reach my standards. Otherwise, I'll just reject you.

Those who are members of this infamous comm and its affiliates are AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED without any prior warning whatsoever. Rule-breakers and their sympathizers are not welcome here.

No age requirement. I hardly post any hardcore stuff anyway.

Standard Operating Procedure


So do NOT post any of my projects outside this comm. I do not want to see any of the things I post showing up in google search results or in any other website for that matter.

I'm trying to keep a low profile here 'cause scanlators aren't exactly close friends with the artists.
Joint projects are the only exceptions since the other group has to post the project on their comm, too.

I do not require a word of thanks, since I'm doing this for my own selfish ends, but it is still highly appreciated.

The download links are generously hosted by dtn in her OWN SERVER. I am forever indebted to her.
We will NOT tolerate hotlinking. I'm sure it's painfully obvious as to why we don't want that, but for those of you who still don't get it, READ THIS.

Final Word


Happy artists will produce more work, which means more happiness for us.